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Ciao United States of America!

While you can visit us...

It is still the time, when not all our dear friends can travel to Venice, therefore, this is our way of connecting. You can see here one of MY COUNTRY BOTTLE, dedicated to the U.S. It is not by chance! In the previous years, the biggest number of incoming visitors to Venice was exactly from the U.S. Like this, we wish to get closer to the friends, that can´t visit us yet.

Have a look at the U.S. bottle, carrying the U.S. colours, while reminding that saving the water is needed. It can take a small step, such as stopping using single-use plastics and changing them for filtered water, that leads to the protection of the environment.

Handcrafted glass decoration – murrina.

The glass decoration in the middle of the body of the glass bottle is handcrafted on the island Murano, with the technique called murrina. Our murrina is crafted carefully by the artisan Ercole Moretti. They are perfect, but as all of them are handcrafted, there is never one- alike!

Murrina is the traditional technique of manipulating the glass while creating threads of colourful glasses, which are then cut into tiny elements. Then, these are gathered as a small mosaic and heated, when they all stick together. Murrina is an extremely interesting technique, and it has some features and also limits. Only the skilled masters can achieve the levels of the pleasing aesthetic and sometimes, the results are surprising. Venice´s fascination with mosaics and the mastering of this sphere was coming as the strong influence from the East- from the Byzance.

About collection MY COUNTRY BOTTLE

With the creation of the collection MY COUNTRY BOTTLE, we want to connect with people in different countries, different cultures. MyAQUAbottle is a company from Venice and all our products are crafted and finalized strictly in Italy and in the location around Venice. But when it comes to the discussion about the other countries, we are always curious to meet various people from various spots of the world.

Venice is a crossroad of the culture, and this is the idea, we are continuing with. Our glass bottle was born in Venice, is made in Italy. It is a joy, that also other people from different places started to love the bottle and it got to be part of their daily culture.

Maybe the borders divide us, perhaps we speak different languages, eat different food, have different customs, ideas. But what makes us all unified is the presence on our dear planet, which is our only option. Let´s not forget, that all our activities influence events in nature.

Forget a single-use plastics on the table.

MyAQUAbottle offers the opportunity of switching a lifestyle, from overusing of plastics for reusable, elegant and durable glass bottles. As Thoreau wrote in his Journal: All nature is doing her best each moment to make us well—she exists for no other end. Do not resist her. With the least inclination to be well we should not be sick.—Journal, 23 August 1853.

It is possible, that nature is unstoppable and doing her best, but we can always consider her gentleness towards us and treat her better. Let´s help nature!

How is my AQUA durable and practical?

  • All my AQUA products are crafted in a special shape, which enables the bottle to be stable on the table at home, or in restaurants, hotels, events.
  • It has a wide neck, therefore ice cubes, pieces of lemon or herbs can fit there easily.
  • The bottle closure - screw cap is made of high-quality material and holds well also fizzy drinks.
  • It is easy to wash and maintain my AQUA bottle simply with Earth-friendly ingredients. Like this, the bottle can last longer and it will substitute numerous plastic waste.
  • My AQUA Bottles are completely recyclable, including the aesthetic cardboard packaging, in which my AQUA bottle arrives to you. No additional waste from the product.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever food or drinks you fancy, we send you kind greetings from Venice!

Are you ready to serve the water and drinks with a style, while saving the water and resources?

Visit the collection MY COUNTRY BOTTLE and choose your favourite one.

Murrina made by Ercole Moretti



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