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My AQUA bottle and new black and white pieces in the collection

My AQUA Bottle is happy to introduce you to our new designs of glass bottles and their decor. We know, that the world is not only black and white, but our new glass bottle decors are!

Enter our black and white world.

Take a look at our new beautiful Murano glass Murrine decors in white-transparent or white-black-transparent quality. The glass bottles from my VENICE bottle are enriched for new colour combinations that fit great to your modern tables or dining rooms.

Color white is quite regular for the elegant dining setting and table setting items. The black colour starts to raise, as even in the form of a plate or glass, the vase makes the object, food or drink pop up.

Our glass bottles are born for every elegant table and for those, that want to substitute plastic bottles for a long-term reusable glass bottle.

Just count all those hours of shopping for the packed water, then throwing away and separating the trash. 

Now life can be easier and also the serving of water or drinks much more elegant.

Why the choice of black and white colour for My AQUA Bottle?

„I love the glass and its pure transparency, I think it does not need too much, just elaboration as subtle as possible. We are always trying to find a way how to spread the glass for different people, different tastes, for different usage. 

Currently, we have chosen white colour as the part of Murano glass Murrine decors. The reason is simple. It is an elegant colour- not a colour, that we are used to having in our kitchen or dining rooms. It is pure, not distracting the precious moments with a family or friends.

On the other side, the presence of the black in the new Murrine is slightly bolder, but still not arrogant. It can be a genuine part of the modern interior, more bold table setting. The trends in the table and food styling are constantly changing and we want to prove that our bottles are suitable for all kinds of visual and practical needs.“ Claudia Fragiacomo, CEO My AQUA Bottle.

Why does everybody talk about Murano glass?

Murano glass is the proud artisan heritage of Venice. The Murano glass production in Venice, organized at the Murano Island was a strictly confident state affair. Artisans had to guard the secrets of the colour combinations, processes, as the Venetian glass was a highly appreciated luxury goods. When did the Murano glass production start? It was in the 13th century, which marks the official start of the professional artisanal Murano glass production.

Artisans had to move the furnaces from the islands of Venice and got to be organized at Murano island – further from the centre with the inhabitants. That was to prevent the fires and to protect the statesmen and the heart of the merchants´ world. The Venetian glass from Murano was for many centuries one of the very few glass productions in Europe, which ensured the power and monopoly of Venice in this field.

Everybody wants a glass from Murano!

The courts, kingdoms, nobility were longing for incredible glass chandeliers, decorated mirrors, spectacular glass vases, glasses or various decorative objects.

The Murano glass producers developed numerous techniques of working the glass, some of them importantly survived until these days. The Venetian glass could be crafted into a transparent light glass or to its coloured versions. As one example, a spectacular technique „millefiori“ caught attention. 

„Millefiori“ – thousands of flowers are created by putting together colourful glass canes, then re-heating them and cutting them into smaller pieces. Those are then arranged together just as the glass mosaic, creating the ever-continuing pattern of the small flowers or similar shapes. 

Similar to „Millefiori“ is the type called „ Murrina“ that you can also see on our new My AQUA Bottle items in black and white version.

Let´s learn more about Venetian glass Murrine

Murrine is a composition of glass canes in various colours or shapes, which is created by cutting the glass cane at a particular moment. Other crafting steps are required lots of patience and focus, as the artisans are working with an extremely high temperature of the melted glass. Pieces like these can be followingly connected, repeating a similar pattern, creating a powerful glass mosaic. What is interesting, when there is used transparent glass and less transparent one, which is creating a powerful magical contrast.

Production of this small murrine is technically and physically difficult, but thanks to the dedication of many local producers, this ancient craft is still existing in Venice.

How old is the technique of creating glass Murrine?

It is said that the roots of this beautiful technique come back to the times back in 2000 – 3000 b.C. in the Middle East. Even this history is very far while visiting Murano and the Murano Glass Museum, one can find very ancient glass examples and admire the historical cultures and their artisanal heritage. 

The creation of Murrine was long forgotten, until the 16th century, when the technique was revived in Venice and as you can see until today, gave it its elegance and importance.

Where to discover the glass in Venice?

For every Venice glass lover, we recommend the visit of the , Glass Museum at Murano Island or visiting some of the still operating glass furnaces. Annually, there are the events of Venice Glass Week during September 2021 full of beautiful tours and glass making presentations. 

Until November 1 2021, there is a beautiful exhibition at Island San Giorgio: The Glass Ark. Animals in the Pierre Rosenberg Collection. Curated by Giordana Naccari and Cristina Beltram.

The Murrine we are proud of

My AQUA Bottle is proud to be partnered with an important Murrine producer Ercole Moretti. This Murano glass producer is proving that the traditional technique of glass working can be still valid for modern users.

The perfect imperfection

All our glass bottles from the collection My VENICE Bottle are adorned with murrine that are handcrafted. Okay, that sounds interesting. This means, that the series of the same bottles look quite the same but you can tell the differences in the glass decorations. This is what makes the product perfect. 

My AQUA Bottle is ready to be used in homes, professionally in hospitality, events, or as gift ideas. All our products are carrying the history within themselves, bringing the bliss, the reflection of Venice and secrets of the glassmakers kept for the centuries.

Towards the sustainable future

We are happy to offer you a modern elegant and durable object, that can be moreover completely recyclable when its time will come. Instead of hundreds of plastic bottles only one durable one - seems smart, right?

Let´s not forget that our products will come to you in a smart cardboard box, so it is ready to be a gift. Furthermore, the package is environmentally friendly and completely recyclable. 

While we look at the past and admire the historical craft, we need to think about the future and to do the practical steps towards the protection of our environment. We believe in balance and using objects that can be reusable and carry saving of nature´s resources, time and money.

The world is not only black and white, it is, as we will choose or let it be with all its colours of nature and creations. And for today, we can choose the durability and elegance of Venice with an optimistic sparkle of the sustainable future.

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