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My Aqua Bottle with the new artistic bottles: Ciao Mama & Ciao Amore

My Aqua Bottle added to its collection a new element of Venetian origin known in all over the world... the typical greeting "Ciao".

Since the eighteenth century, in Venice, in order to express respect and kindness when you met a person you greeted with "s'ciavo" from the Latin "slavus" that means: your servant, at your service, - We find it in the comedies of Carlo Goldoni "La Locandiera" it is used in a haughty way by nobles and dandy -.

Over the centuries it changed and became the super famous CIAO. Today, we use to say Ciao several times a day as a confidential and friendly greeting and I thought of creating two bottles as an analogy of love and attention of being deeply tied to someone.

And who do we love most? Our Mum, or our fiance!

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