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Our Business Ethics and Mission

Save the water to save the planet.

My AQUA Bottle aims to combine the simple essence of a glass water bottle with decorative elements derived from centuries-old Venetian and Italian artisan traditions. Our company supports local economies, provides an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic, and offers a memorable and distinct objet d’art for your home or business.

My AQUA Bottle also offers sustainable and healthy packaging solutions, with low migration materials and optimal reusability. Sustainability drives My AQUA Bottle into the future. Our company policy pursues a balanced relationship with economic, social and environmental objectives.

… reasons for choosing “My AQUA Bottle”


Design; Artisan tradition of Made in Italy enhanced by an elegant everyday object.


1 Litre Multiutility bottle for drinks, practical and sturdy as the objects of the past.


The first Italian square bottle with large mouth and stainless steel screw cap. Ideal for water or drinks with added CO2.


High quality extra-flint national glass bottle decorated with unique pieces of Venetian-Italian craftsmanship.


Against the waste of spring water and plastic, designed to reduce energy consumption as: bottling, packaging, transport and thermal regulation.


Reusable and easy to clean, handy and stored in the fridge/ minibar and... completely recyclable!!!


1 Litre bottle weighing 900 grams. (2 lb. LIBBRE) It fits perfectly in most water purification plants, domestic and professional currently comercialized.


"Your AQUA Bottle", with your favourite decorations. A unique direct marketing tool.

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