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my venice bottle murano glass medallion

Murano Glass Medallion - Red with Gold Lion


Rectangular glass bottle with Murano glass medallion worked and stretched individually by hand, with evident streaks that are completely different from each other. Unique piece with pad-printed decoration of the Lion of Saint Mark's, an authentic symbol of Venice. Made in Italy.

- For drinking and micro-filtered water, natural or sparkling.

- Easy storage in the refrigerator.

- Compatible with the most important manufacturers of water purifiers on the market.

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Product Details

Extra-Flint tempered glass
1 litre
900 g.
Maximum pressure
4 Bar
Hole with wide mouth
Stopper material
Stainless steel with watertight seal
height 27,2 cm – width 9,8 cm – depth 5,9 cm
Weight Packaging (no plastic)
370 g.


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